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A little later than planned and a little smaller than before but we are very pleased to announce that there will be at least one and hopefully two Push MTB events in 2016.

When and where will the races be?

St Felix MTB – 21st February 2016

We have a confirmed date and venue – 21st February at St Felix School, Southwold – and one further date and venue awaiting confirmation.

Series Information

As with the previous series, we aim to create courses suitable for all abilities and all ages, everyone is welcome to turn up and have a go. It doesn’t matter what bike you have or what you wear – as long as it includes a suitable helmet! All we ask is that the faster and more experienced riders are courteous and respectful towards those just starting out in the sport – PushMTB is about fun and fitness, there are no ranking points on offer and no big prizes, but we do produce full results for each race.

The courses will not be technically difficult, any moderately tricky bits will have an easier alternative route, but they will be fast, flowing and fun. Unless it’s very wet and then there may be a bit of slippery mud involved!

Racing starts at 11am for the Sprogs, girls and boys aged 12 and under, there is no minimum age and parents are welcome to ride or run with very young or anxious riders. The course will be around 1km in length and the  race will be 30 minutes in duration.

Juniors (age 17 and 18) and seniors (age 19 and over) race at 12:30pm for 60 minutes. A longer course of around 2km will be used for this race.

Youth riders (age 13 – 16) race at 12:45pm for 45 minutes on the longer course alongside the juniors and seniors.

What you can expect from the series

  • Facilities at each venue will vary – details will be on the individual race pages. But some things are consistent:
  • Please bring your own drinking water with you.
  • There will be no changing facilities and no showers.
  • There will be no bike wash facilities.
  • Full results will be posted on this website asap after each round and overall series standings will also be produced.
  • We will be happy to receive your feedback about the series – either on the day or via e mail.

How To Enter


Please click here to enter online.

Latest News


St Felix Push MTB Results

Well, that was a cracker of a day out! We are so so chuffed at the number of riders who turned up to race today at St Felix, hope you all had great fun - even if the course was tough going! Please find below the list of results, we were using a new system today which we did have a few issues with so if there any discrepancies and you feel your result is not quite right then just get in touch and we will try and rectify them.

Series 3 – Final Round preview

After the first four rounds, the overall series standings are pretty tight in the under 12 and women’s categories with a bit more daylight between the top youth and senior riders. But, with riders best four results to count there is sure to be some shuffling at the top of the tables after the final round on 8th March.

Rd4 Shouldham Warren

Here are the results for a great round at Shouldham Warren. Our thanks once again for all the help and support from KL MTB and SWNC who helped things run so smoothly. Will try and get a report up shortly.
Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 20.59.18

Rd 3 Eccles Hall

Thanks to all that came today and great to see some new names as well as the usual smiling faces. We hope you liked the new venue, as a venue we have lots more unexplored areas so hopefully we can visit again and find some new treats hidden in the forest.

Push MTB Rd 3 Preview

What do you get when you take an unfit rider trying to use a GoPro for the first time recording a course preview? well funny you should ask....

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