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Phoenix Cycle Works & Hadleigh

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from 11am


Should I enter?

Aimed at Fun & Fitness

The aim of the Aspire MTB series is to create courses suitable for all abilities and all ages, everyone is welcome to turn up and have a go. It doesn’t matter what bike you have or what you wear.   All we ask is that the faster and more experienced riders are courteous and respectful towards those just starting out in the sport – Aspire MTB is about fun and fitness, there are no ranking points on offer and no big prizes, but we do produce full results for each race to enable riders to keep track of progress.

2017-2018 Series

Event Format

11am – U12’s – 20min race
11:45 – 12:20 – Practice
12:30 – Juniors and Seniors – 1hr race
12:45 – youth A and B – 45 mins race
(Youth A=U16 & Youth B=U14)

2017-2018 Series


Its a shorter series than we would like but things have been so busy its difficult to fit it all in.  We hope to extend the series to 5 events and have a few other ideas as well that we will continue working on.

Round 1. Phoenix Cycle Works – 16th December 2017
Round 2. Hadleigh Park – 27th January 2018
Round 3. Phoenix Cycle Works – 10th February 2018

Phoenix Cycle Works – 10th February 2018 Mud Sweat & Gears Newbie Day (Now combined on the Saturday 10th)
For any one interested in our other racing then feel free to come along and see what its all about before you make your mind up.  We will be happy to guide you through all aspects of the event from registration to the types of courses that will be used in our larger MTB series.

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Come & Try It


Doing a “race” can be a daunting thing! we know that as we were all there at one time!  It doesn’t matter if you want to just take part rather than using the “R” word and we would encourage it.  Come and try and build your confidence, there is no pressure and our friendly Aspire coach Steve will always be one hand with help and advice should you need it.

We think of everything so

You Don’t Need To Worry

This is a short series which this year will feature just 3 events.

The last in the series will be extra special being set over a full weekend, offering an MSG day where we will be on hand to go through all aspects from registration to timetable and what to expect to set any concerns at ease.

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