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Iceni water

Iceni water As Boudicca was the Queen of the Iceni tribe, what could be better than the Boudicca Sportive partnering with a company called Iceni? Especially when that company supply natural mineral water, extracted and bottled just 50 miles down the road – avoiding the high ‘food miles’ associated with a lot of other bottled […]

Snackage update

Finding suitable snacks for our feed stations is something which we think about a lot – products which aren’t loaded with sugar or additives and which will help fuel riders effectively – especially those who could be in the saddle for up to six or seven hours. Bananas are always on the menu and a […]

Cycle Jerseys

The cycling jersey is one of the basic features of any cyclists kit bag and is a must for many features you won’t find in a tee shirt. The main benefits of a cycle jersey include: Flexible, tight-fitting material that doesn’t flap in the wind and moves with you. Fabrics that breath and “wick” your sweat […]

Cycling Shorts

Why would I need them? I’m not that serious! Well that maybe but you would be surprised of the advantages that cycling specific shorts can give you over regular clothes and its not all about looks.  Most cyclists that have used a good quality cycling short will be slightly alarmed at the prospect of doing any […]

Goodness in = Greatness Out

The team at Boudicca HQ are a restless bunch, rarely satisfied with the status quo and always thinking of and looking for ways to improve what we offer our riders. On top of that, we like to offer something that riders can’t get or don’t get anywhere else – we are great fans of the […]

Top 5 Tips- For Optimal Recovery

1. Carbohydrates are the primary substrate needed to replenish muscle glycogen that is used during endurance exercise. Athletes should aim to consume 1.2g per kilogram of body weight post exercise to optimise recovery. For a 70kg person this would be 84g of carbohydrates, which could be a bagel (50g of Carbs) with half a large tin […]

Sportive Training Plans

Your 2013 Sportive preparation and training starts here. On Thursday 27 September 2012, British Cycling launched its first ever tailored Sportive Training Plans, designed for all levels of rider ability and aspiration.  You may be a complete beginner, a seasoned sportive campaigner, or somewhere in between; either way we have a plan to suit you. […]

Warm weather cycling: Preparation and Recovery

Beijing 2008, the ice vest was king. London 2012, Great Britain’s Cyclists were literally in ‘hot pants’, with both used as techniques to improve the performance of elite athletes. However, for us mere mortals, we need a real world approach to maximise our riding time and performance. Recovery is an essential part of any training […]

Warming Up & Cooling Down

If you take part in any sportive, race or even club session, you’ll notice that every cyclist has their own pre-ride routine. This can range from sitting in the car with the heaters blasting until the last possible moment, a few light limbering movements and token stretches before throwing their leg over the top tube, […]