Cycling Clothing Accessories



Bike gloves offer cushion and protection for cycling. You can find long-finger, short-finger, colorful and functional gloves for cycling. They main goal of a bike glove is to provide padding in the palms to cushion your hands during long rides, to provide protection in case of a fall, to provide a tacky surface for a good grip on the handlebars and brakes, or keep you warm in the cold.

Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes come in a variety of styles, and offer specialized fit and function. Most bike shoes now accommodate cleats (special bindings that clip into special pedals) and all offer a stiff sole that help transfer power to the pedal. Be sure to buy shoes that work with your pedals and try on a variety of styles before deciding.  Yes you could ride 100 miles in trainers but it would take far more effort than in a stiffer soled cycling specific shoe.