Event Date


Event Venue


Event Type

Cyclo Cross

Suitability of Rider

Novice to Experienced

Start Time

From 10am

CYCLOCROSS – Brought to you by Push Sport & MSG

Of all the events we do this is where our heart lies. They are great to watch, great to ride and its a perfect starting place for any budding cycling family. They offer such a welcoming environment and it really doesn’t matter what level you are, you can have as much fun as anyone. We tend to do events as part of the Eastern Region Cyclo Cross League though we have been known to do the odd extra.

What is


Skinny tyres, mud, short, sharp off-road races, with hurdles, obstacles and intense action. That’s cyclo-cross, a form of off-road racing that predates mountain biking by decades.

Cyclo-cross is also one of the most accessible forms of cycle sport with racing for everyone from young kids to grandmothers.

Races are multi-lap events usually lasting for an hour for senior riders, with shorter distances for other categories. At the end of the set time, a bell is rung signifying the last lap, known as the ‘bell lap’. Racing seldom sees large bunches forming due to the nature of the terrain, with groups of two or three riders forming at the most. Cyclo-cross is often a personal battle between the rider and the course, making it engaging for riders of all abilities. There’s no ‘getting dropped from the bunch’ in cyclo-cross.

What do I need?

Cyclocross Equipment

Cyclo-cross bikes are from a distance, very similar to road bikes, with 700c wheels, rigid frames and forks and dropped handlebars. However, there are significant differences; cyclo-cross bikes have wider knobbly tyres, slighter lower gearing, different frame geometry, more clearance for mud and either cantilever or disc brakes.

For regional events like ours though your more than welcome to ride a MTB but don’t always expect it to be easier just because your riding off road!