• How much will it cost?

    40 miles – £15 (one feed station)
    70 miles – £20 – (two feed stations)
    100 miles – £21 – (three feed stations)

    In addition to the above there is a special package rate for the 40 mile ride – 1 adult + 1 U16  £20

  • What do I get for my money?

      • A jolly fine day out in the Norfolk countryside … oh, and
      • GPS mapping and download
      • Fully way marked route
      • Free food / drink at rest stops .
      • First Aid cover – at HQ and mobile units around the routes
      • Mechanical support – at HQ and mobile units on all routes
      • Recovery minibus
    • Who can ride?

      Anyone is welcome to ride the Boudicca Sportive but there are a few conditions:

      • Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult
      • Under 18s must present a signed parental consent form
      • Irrespective of age, it is the responsibility of the rider or their parent / guardian to decide which route is suited to their ability.
    • Who are these routes suitable for?

      • Most riders will find something to suit them among our choice of routes. The 40 and 70 mile routes are graded 1 using the British Cycling system whilst the 100 mile route sneaks into band 2. These grades are calculated by using distance and total elevation information. But don’t be totally deceived by the apparently benign grades – Norfolk miles can be surprisingly tough!
      • We recommend a road bike or hybrid bike for all the routes. If you only have a mountain bike to choose from then try and change the tyres for some road type ones, it will make your ride much more enjoyable!
    • What happens if my bike or my body gives up?

      Your bike we can pretty much always fix … your body may be more of a challenge!

      • Evans Cycles will be on hand at event HQ to tweak their magic tweak on any misbehaving gears, brakes, wheels etc before you set off. Once you are on the road you will be looked after by their mobile mechanics who should be able to keep you moving unless there is a catastrophic failure of some description.
      • First Aid cover will also have a unit based at event HQ and further mobile units covering all routes. They will deal with any minor injuries or problems you may need looking at during the course of your ride.
      • If your bike or your body or both are unable to continue – for whatever reason – we will send a vehicle to pick you up and get you back to event HQ.
    • How do I know where to go?

      • All routes will be fully signposted, so all you need to do is follow the arrows for your route. In addition, route downloads will be available for those of you with GPS devices and route maps will be posted on the website.
      • If you do take a wrong turn and need help, a quick phone call to event HQ will normally get you back on course. We really do know Norfolk like the back of our hand!
    • How will I get my ride number?

      • We are currently looking into a few ways to improve registration to make your morning as simple as possible but previously all numbers have been collected on the event morning.
    • Can I enter on the day?

      • We cap our events to ensure we keep the welcoming atmosphere that we would rather have.  If we are not full at the time of the pre entry deadline then we may well take entries on the day, there are no guarantees though.