Event Date


Event Headquarters

Gas Hill, Norwich

Event Type

Hill Climb

Suitability of Rider

Novice to Experienced

Start Time

From 7pm

Where it all started


The Gasp was established in the 1950’s as a time trial cycling race and its existence, in varying enjoyable formats, continued for many decades. The Gasp was revived by the Lotus Cars Cycle Race League with help from Norwich City Council in 2011 and continued until 2013. After a years break in 2014 due to dates clashing with the passing Tour De France Push Sport took the event to new levels with the introduction of different disciplines all racing to be first up the hill.  With road, BMX, MTB, Fixed and Cycle Speedway all battling it out for the top spot it was quite a sight.  We will be continuing to expand the event to make it a fantastic spectacle for the thousands of cycling fans that come to watch the high energy action spectacle.

The event over the years has become a fantastic and very popular part of the Lord Mayors Procession attracting very large crowds. If you would like to be part of it and watch some of the regions aspiring cyclists then keep an eye out for the date as soon as we announce it!

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