Goodness in = Greatness Out

The team at Boudicca HQ are a restless bunch, rarely satisfied with the status quo and always thinking of and looking for ways to improve what we offer our riders.

On top of that, we like to offer something that riders can’t get or don’t get anywhere else – we are great fans of the USP! – and we recognise that there is a huge thirst for knowledge and personal development among the folk that come and ride the Boudicca Sportive as well as the wider cycling community.

So, for 2014 we have teamed up with two great new partners to help us develop our event and more importantly, help our riders develop and understand the many aspects of cycling from nutrition to fitness and bike maintenance.

Let’s start with nutrition because this has been the most significant change.

In 2012 and 2013, we had Torq on board as our supplier of energy drink, bars and gels. They are a quality company, producing quality products and we are great fans of what they do, but we wanted to push forward, to increase the range of products we give to riders, to offer easily accessible and understandable nutrition advice and to offer the opportunity to purchase additional supplies after the event if riders like what they tasted!

And, we want to be unique … to offer something that no other sportive in the region, or even the country is able to offer. So, for 2014 we are really excited to be partnering with …

OTE SPORTSOTE are a relatively new company but with a very impressive history – that may sound like a contradiction but a quick peek at their website will reveal all! OTE have a range of products which fit our requirements, they offer nutritional advice in bite sized chunks, easily digestible to all and they have European pro teams beating down their doors trying to get access to their products – in my book that’s a pretty convincing set of reasons to team up with OTE!

We have spoken with Torq about our decision and we are still good friends, they recognise and respect our decision to try something different and to move on. And in case the more sceptical among you were wondering, it’s not about money. We have always bought our nutrition products and will continue to do so, because we want our riders to have the best. We don’t want free product, we want a quality product.

You can find more information about OTE, their products and some incredibly helpful advice on nutrition here.

It’s not just nutrition where we have moved on, there is some great news about bike maintenance to share with you too but we’ll save that for another day …