Snackage update


Finding suitable snacks for our feed stations is something which we think about a lot – products which aren’t loaded with sugar or additives and which will help fuel riders effectively – especially those who could be in the saddle for up to six or seven hours.

Bananas are always on the menu and a couple of years ago we started to offer Mini Cheddars as a savoury and salty alternative! Fig rolls have been a staple part of our offer for the past three years and have many fans – although Tim isn’t one of them!

But this year we have got a great new supporter on board – Soreen the malt loaf people will be supplying us with a generous helping of their lunchbox loaves so we will be able to offer them at every feed station.

They are soft, tasty and not too sweet and as they are individually wrapped they can be popped in your back pocket and saved for the journey … just make sure the wrapping goes back in your pocket if you snack on the move!

Did you know … It seems that John Montgomerie of Scotland applied for a patent titled Making Malted Bread in 1886. The patent was for a process which involved warming a portion of dough mixed with diastatic malt extract to an appropriate mash temperature and holding it for a time so the extract’s enzymes would pre-digest some of the starch.

Scrumtious science – that’s what we think!