Top 5 Tips- For Optimal Recovery


1. Carbohydrates are the primary substrate needed to replenish muscle glycogen that is used during endurance exercise. Athletes should aim to consume 1.2g per kilogram of body weight post exercise to optimise recovery.

For a 70kg person this would be 84g of carbohydrates, which could be a bagel (50g of Carbs) with half a large tin of baked beans (30g of Carbs).

2. Protein is important to repair muscle damage and to help build muscle post training. An endurance athlete should aim to consume 20-25g of protein post exercise. Any more protein is not necessary, you are better to eat little and often.

Examples of foods containing 20g protein are 2 eggs, a tin of tuna, a chicken breast, 2 sausages or a large glass of milk.

3. Protein Shakes are a great way to combine both your carbohydrate and protein needs in a quick and convenient way. An OTE Recovery Shake will provide you with 25g of quality protein and 20g of carbohydrates, consume this with a large banana and you will have optimal nutritional recovery.

4. For Optimal Recovery the ingestion of either food or drink should be as close to the end of finishing exercising as possible, with 30 minutes post exercise being the ‘Window of Opportunity’.

5. Fluid Loss post endurance training or events can be large, especially if the athlete is performing in the heat. Try to consume 150% of sweat losses within the first hour of recovery by consuming fluids with electrolytes in. OTE hydro tabs are perfect for this.